Why pre-pregnancy nutrition is so important – Nutrition Sustain
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Why pre-pregnancy nutrition is so important

Pregnancy is a great time to make health changes, however, it’s so important to consider your nutrition and health even before you start trying for a baby. I call this pre-pregnancy stage the Groundwork Trimester.

The food choices you make at the Groundwork Trimester AND during pregnancy (1st, 2nd, 3rd Trimester) are not only important for your baby’s health and future wellbeing but also in helping you to be your best too (refer to the pregnancy nutrition timeline below).


Pre-pregnancy and pregnancy nutrition benefits for you

If you’re planning on becoming a Mama-to-be, nurturing well during the Groundwork Trimester and during pregnancy can help to:⁠

  • Increase your confidence on what to eat (and not to eat) during pregnancy and help you build a nutrient-dense food foundation;
  • Increase your body’s nutrient stores to support you and your future baby’s health;
  • Reduce your risk of nutrient deficiencies before, during, and after pregnancy⁠;
  • Boost you and your partners fertility by improving egg and sperm health (it’s important your partner gets pregnancy ready too!);
  • Better your energy levels before, during, and after pregnancy⁠;
  • Help improve any nausea, reflux, or constipation you may experience⁠ during pregnancy⁠;
  • Reduce your risk of complications during pregnancy including pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes⁠; and
  • Assist you in gaining the appropriate amount of weight during pregnancy and support you in returning to your pre-pregnancy weight within 12-18 months postpartum⁠.


Pre-pregnancy and pregnancy nutrition benefits for your future baby

For your future baby, nurturing well during the Groundwork Trimester and during pregnancy can help to:⁠

  • Improve their immunity for life (immunity genes can be impacted at conception)⁠;
  • Ensure an adequate supply and variety of nutrients is provided to your baby at conception, during pregnancy, and postpartum (if you choose to breastfeed)⁠;
  • Reduce your baby’s future allergy risk by exposing them to a variety of food allergens during pregnancy and while breastfeeding;
  • Reduce your baby’s risk of a low or high birth weight⁠;
  • Lower their risk of preterm birth⁠; and
  • Improve your baby’s long-term health and wellbeing by reducing risk of chronic diseases later in life including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease⁠.

It’s important to note that nurturing well at the Groundwork Trimester and during pregnancy isn’t about being a perfect eater but a better eater. By developing healthier eating habits now, you’ll not only feel great before your baby adventure begins but you’ll find eating better is easier once you’re pregnant. ⁠

Planning for your future family can also be a special time for you and your partner to reassess your own health and make small consistent steps towards living a healthier lifestyle together.⁠

Thinking of becoming pregnant in the next 3-12 months but you’d like to give your body a bit more nurturing and love before you start? Sign up to the Pregnancy Nutrition School waitlist here!