Nothing makes my heart happier than supporting Mamas before and during pregnancy – Nutrition Sustain
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Nothing makes my heart happier than supporting Mamas before and during pregnancy


I’ve worked as a dietitian over the past ten years and had the privilege of helping many amazing clients with an array of nutrition goals and needs. However, nothing makes my soul happier than supporting Mamas-to-be before and during pregnancy.

When I experienced pregnancy for myself during 2019, this passion has only deepened. I found so much joy in nurturing my own growing belly and supporting my own body as it became a home for my baby. But my pregnancy journey wasn’t without the overwhelm on which nutrients to eat and when (yes, I had these feelings too at times, even as a dietitian!).


Pregnant Mama’s are not meeting important nutrition targets

The research shows that many pregnant Mama’s are not meeting important nutrition targets during pregnancy. In fact, a recent Australian study looking at 534 pregnant women showed that NO women met the daily dietary requirements for all the key food groups! And most women also struggled to meet key pregnancy nutrients including folate, calcium, iron, and iodine.

The food choices you make prior and during pregnancy are not only important for your baby’s health and future wellbeing but also in helping you to be your best too. Creating and growing another human is a lot of work! And supporting yourself before and during this process is key in helping you to reduce the fatigue and nutrient depletion that can easily set in.


Pregnancy Nutrition School, my 12-week nutrition roadmap

I want you and your future baby to thrive together. And nutrition is key to supporting this.

So with this in mind I created Pregnancy Nutrition School, my 12-week nutrition roadmap (my labour of love), that helps you to:

  • Prepare your body for pregnancy and grow a healthy baby;
  • Have complete confidence when it comes to nurturing yourself and your future little one; and
  • Feel the best you can be before, during, and after pregnancy.

Growing my little girl in my belly, birthing her, holding her, and loving her has given me so much joy that my heart can explode. I would do anything for her health and wellbeing. And I know you would feel and do the same once you start planning for your little one to enter your life too.


My vision for you

Maybe you’re thinking of becoming pregnant in the near future? Or maybe you know of someone else who is? If so, please help our paths to cross.

My vision is to help Mamas-to-be like yourself to nurture better earlier. To make pregnancy a joyous time without the confusion and overwhelm that I know so many women experience. My vision is for you and your future baby to be supported with the nutrients you need most – so you can live full and happy lives.

Pregnancy Nutrition School starts in April 2021, I’d love for you to join this exciting journey with me by putting your name on my waitlist here.


Wishing you (and your future little one) the very best in health!

Marike xx